June, 2012: A few generous individuals gave donations, including Roberto Núñez and Julio Matista. Sherri Lane, a supporter from the United States, competed in a triathlon. She raised generous funds for the Hogar which will help to pay for their school fees this upcoming year.

May, 2012: The government started construction on the parking lot directly outside the Hogar and on the street outside, including the addition of street signs. Now there is a parking lot with cement where mud does not accumulate after the rain.

April, 2012: The construction of the cistern is complete, thanks to a generous donation by Ursula Peña.

February, 2012: The Peña Foundation donated funds to start the construction of a water cistern. This cistern will help to collect water from the rain which is especially helpful in this neighborhood as they are often without water for days or weeks at a time.

January, 2012: Members of Stones Crossing Church in Greenwood, Indiana raised and donated funds to cover the children’s school expenses for the remainder of the academic year.